FYF Fest 2014 Spotify Playlist: Top Songs From Every Artist

FYF Fest Spotify Playlist 2014 Logo

Ok, FYF Fest, you’ve got my money again. Fingers crossed there are enough bathrooms this year.

Spotify fans, I put together a playlist of the top songs from every artist in order to get better acquainted with all the acts so I can plan my weekend. It worked well for Coachella, so why not.

Are you planning on wearing shorts? I will if you do.


Coachella 2014 Playlist on Spotify

Yeah, I’m pretty excited. The Mrs. and I loved last year’s (our first) Coachella last year so much we decided to buy tickets for this year during the pre-sale. See you at Weekend 1?

In order to help choose which acts to add to my “must see” list, I compiled the top 5 songs from every artist playing Coachella 2014. Only a couple acts had no songs at all, and a few acts had less than 5 songs. Continue Reading