I found the Golden Girls house!

A couple weeks ago, while watching a Golden Girls marathon on Lifetime (I know), I decided to track down the Golden Girls house.  I don’t know what my obsession with this house is, but I remember that when I was 14 years old, one of the main things on my to-do list when visiting Florida was to find the Golden Girls house.  Well 21 years later, I realize it’s just up the street from my apartment.

The Golden Girls house is located at 245 N Saltair Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90049.  It’s just west of the 405 and just north of Sunset Blvd.  Apologies in advance to the residents of this house for the pending onslaught of mobile phone photographers.

Here’s the Golden Girls House on Google Maps.



  1. The Golden Girls house in Florida is a copy of the house in Brentwood. The Brentwood house was used for the early seasons and then they switched to the prop house in Florida.

  2. Thanks for sharing this…soooooo cool! My mom and I are die hard fans, and I of course assumed it was in Florida as well. But learned it wasn’t real it was a prop house. I didn’t search any further and wish I had cause I would have drove by and seen it the last time I visited California. Will have to do this the next time I go…Deff a bucket list thing =)

  3. There is no “Golden Girls House”.  The house filmed for the show is a staged house & is displayed/built on the property of MGM in Disney World, Orlando.  I have pix.  Sorry!

    • The real story of the Golden Girls home is this: During the first season of the show, a Brentwood area house was used for all of the establishing shots of the ladies’  Miami area residence.   The following year, a replica of that home was built on the backlot of Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, Florida, and that replica was used for the exterior house shots for the remainder of the series
      http://www.iamnotastalker.com/2009/07/16/the-golden-girls-house/They have pix too.

    • Tonnabug,
      Do your research before posting with such certainty. The house in Los Angeles WAS used in exterior shots at the beginning of the series. The other house was built later at MGM Orlando.

    • look at the photo. does it make any sense to say that there is no golden girls house? it’s obvious the photo is of the exact same house in the show, which INSPIRED the house you have pix of. Sorry!

  4. sorry but you are incorrect. the original house is in Orlando at Disney. i have been there plus the official GG site shows the house as being in florida.

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