Coachella 2014 Playlist on Spotify

Yeah, I’m pretty excited. The Mrs. and I loved last year’s (our first) Coachella last year so much we decided to buy tickets for this year during the pre-sale. See you at Weekend 1?

In order to help choose which acts to add to my “must see” list, I compiled the top 5 songs from every artist playing Coachella 2014. Only a couple acts had no songs at all, and a few acts had less than 5 songs. Continue Reading


Hot, young Angelenos needed for fake New Year’s party



Friends, because I’ve now spent some time in the biz, (failed Wheel of Fortune contestant and all) I am now exposed to a whole new inner circle of emails. Just yesterday, I was invited to an exclusive New Year’s party, happening on December 6th, 7th and 8th. It sounds pretty promising. You’re probably asking yourself, “How do I get into this exclusive party?” Well first there are some hoops. Continue Reading


Catching up: Mostly Hawaii, some other stuff

Readership, it’s been a while.

First of all, I apologize for leaving you along with the likes of LAist, LA Weekly, and Eater LA, I know they can get a little handsy.

What’s been going on?

I got married. 

I totally did. To a woman. She’s great, you’d like her. She has a nice midwestern family (to which a drummer I once played with said “Is North Dakota really the midwest?” That guy only wanted to play covers, so it didn’t last too long.) The wedding was in my home state of Rhode Island because I have a big Irish family and no one really expressed an interest in attending a  wedding in North Dakota  other than my friend Joe and I, and of course the bride’s family. Plus: foliage.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 2.03.23 PM
I Went to Hawaii.We honeymooned in Hawaii. It was of course, amazing. People in LA will sometimes tell you that it’s “too much like LA,” but get YeSelf to Hana because it is an untouched wonderland.

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