Benny’s Tacos is my new Sunday taco

Sunday is taco day. Everyone knows that. The Tuesday thing is over. Sunday owns tacos now. Because Tacos Por Favor doesn’t deliver on Sundays and because Tinga always seats me awkwardly close to other patrons, I am BFFing Benny’s Tacos. It was a risk. I was definitely nervous. But Benny’s delivered. Like, literally.

benny's taco

They have tacos that you can eat without leaving the house. They will bring the tacos to your house. You don’t even have to put pants on. If you go the pantsless route, I recommend going big on the tip. The restaurant is painted with vibrant colors. I will probably never go inside that restaurant, but I bet there’s a positive energy in there.

I thought everyone should know.

Connie and Ted’s gets this Rhode Islander’s seal of approval

Connie and Ted's West Hollywood

Earlier this year, I learned that a new, New England-themed seafood restaurant had opened a distance away that I am willing to travel. Still, it took me forever to stop by. I needed to stop by to see if their Rhode Island style clam cakes and chowder were legit.

I ordered clam cakes, Rhode Island-style chowder (the clear one) and stuffies. It passed the test. They very much represented an LA version of Rhode Island cuisine. A crunchier,  clam cake paired with an interesting tartar sauce (I did look around for a bottle of malt vinegar), smaller stuffies with bacon (or ham?) inside, and more clams than you’d ever expect to find in an actual east coast chowder.  It was like bizarro RI.

I appreciated the nod to my homeland and I will be returning often. I will probably order fewer fried items, though.

Connie and Ted's Clam Cakes

connie and ted's chowder