Ye Old King’s Head and Shark Tank’s Panoramic Pigeon Heaven

kings head santa monica

It’s Thursday. It’s hot. I am not at the King’s Head, but my iPhone noob brother showed my supposedly-savvy self that you can take panoramic photos with an iPhone and I took this photo this past weekend. So here it is, Ye Olde King’s Head, your home away from the 3rd Street Promenerds.

Things I wonder when I’m sitting at the  King’s Head:

    • Does anyone else watch this much Shark Tank? Shark Tank Week is coming up, so the show may get some new fans. Regular folks making their dreams come true by inventing something. It’s inspiring. I even read a collection of Mark Cuban’s blog posts.  A couple years ago, I saw Daymond John at the ESPYs but he did not look like he wanted to be approached. Sharks don’t like to be approached. They do the approaching. Sharks, that is.
    • Where are all the dead pigeons? Apparently I’m not the only one with this question. The Mrs. and I watched a pigeon die on our doorstep the other day. It was pretty traumatizing. More for the pigeon, but it was not fun to watch. I searched the web for the appropriate thing to do. Call animal control? Buy a rifle? Leave it be? I was actually unsure it was in pain. It looked like it was making a comeback and doing some pigeon physical therapy. I let nature do her thing. The next time I looked out the window he (she?) had stopped moving. I named him Herbert. Herbert traveled to Heaven in a Rolling Rock box. Apparently if a pigeon can make it to the point that it’s finding a private place to die, it’s had a good life because it was not attacked by a predator. Unless Herbert was poisoned. Probably an ex.
    • I wonder what the other members of my old breakdance crew Fast Forward, are up to. I used to insist on dancing to Ice T’s “Reckless” because it was the best song on the Breakin’ soundtrack and I was the only one in the neighborhood that could do the windmill or something close to it. You can’t just pop and lock to “Reckless,” save that BS for “Ain’t Nobody.”
    • Do I need to see articles from 1988 in my Google search results? I don’t read anything written earlier than September 2012. If Google is going to index the entire history of the written word they need to bump Circus Magazine up on the priority list because I need know what was so intriguing about White Lion’s Mike Tramp.
    • white lion mike tramp

I have never watched a 7am fubol game at the King’s Head, but I am aiming to get there one day. I arrived at 3pm the other day and there were still guys left over from the morning. There are a lot of feisty English guys in there, some seem a little crazy. I’m 3rd generation English and usually not that feisty.

The breakfast here is probably one of the best in town. I also like feeling like I’m visiting a weird relative’s house. The waitresses are all friendly and will call you things like “love.” This is also an acceptable place to drink beer at breakfast. If that’s your thing. It’s people’s thing here.

Another nice thing about the King’s Head: Two bars! I have never sat down at the Bulldog Bar. It seems like a private club to me. Can I get in there? I met my old boss for drinks a while ago and he accidentally went in there, so I guess? He was wearing Diesel Jeans. You can get in anywhere in LA with Diesels on. I’m not getting into the Bulldog Bar with my sad Levis all bunched at the knee.

Okay that’s enough.

Speak Easy Cocktail: Santa Monica

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Speak Easy Santa Monica













There are a lot of things I like about Speak Easy Cocktail, er, The Speakeasy, in Santa Monica. What I like most is that it’s pretty much a real speakeasy in that no one seems to know how to find it and there’s pretty much no chance you’ll run into anyone you know here. 

The beer is bottled, the cocktails are strong, there’s random sports or reality TV playing in the background and usually it’s pretty quiet here. The quiet goes away on karaoke night when things start to get a little weird. Remember when you were younger and your weird uncle had too much to drink? This place fills up with weird uncles on karaoke night.

The bartenders are all very nice and very attentive. The mens room is the second worst-smelling in town, but the fact that I feel like I’m in my parents’ basement as soon as I arrive makes it a great place to hide out. There’s a long bar if you’re feeling social, or comfy booths if you want to hide out in the dark and talk about things other than work. It’s hard to find better drink deals west of the 405.

PS: The jukebox speakers are so good that I swear “Lady in Red” sounds good coming out of them.

Mishe Mokwa trail and Lana Del Remix

Mishe Mokwa Trail

2nd week in a row at Mishe Mokwa. You wouldn’t think anyone would do that drive to the trailhead twice, but WE DID.

Last week we got there pretty late so we only did the hike to Sandstone Peak. but this week we did the full loop, and it wasn’t that bad. We packed peanut butter sandwiches and plenty of water.

They were playing a Lana Del Rey remix in our local liquor store after the hike, so I came home craving more. This is my go-to: